June 2021 Update

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This has been a strange year so far. The pandemic feels like it is still lurking in the background and could come back at any moment. Here in the Midwest we wait a long time for summer weather. Now that it is finally here, it has been too hot to spend any time outdoors. I feel time slipping away as the days start getting shorter and my motivation to accomplish anything goes with it. In the past month my investment portfolio increased by about $11k. Most of the gains were in my retirement account. My stock portfolio is struggling to make any gains. I have three stocks that can’t seem to breakout of their downward trend. Those stocks are PFC, PSTG, and TLRY. The biggest mystery is PFC which has a 9.7 Equity Summary score. It is down 12.44% since I purchased it in May. PFC is a regional bank headquartered in Ohio. I bought it as a finance recovery play and for the 3.7% dividend. PSTG is a tech company headquartered in Mountain View, California. I think they are undervalued and could become a takeover target. They have been beating estimates and winning innovation awards, but the stock isn’t responding. TLRY is in a holding pattern as investors wait to see if their merger with Aphria produces a positive earnings report. I sold AFL for a $1108 gain and bought OGE and PTRA. OGE is an energy company headquartered in Oklahoma with a 4.7% dividend. Proterra Inc. designs and manufactures zero-emission electric transit vehicles. The company serves public and commercial transits, schools, airports, universities, and construction companies. Proterra Inc. was founded in 2004 and is based in Burlingame, California. They should see positive results going forward because of Biden’s clean energy legislation.

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