Refurbishing old Watches

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Getting an old watch to work again can often be as simple as replacing the battery. Anything more than that can be a challenge for a watch repair novice. I’ve been looking for small items that can be easily shipped and sell for good money on ebay. Refurbishing old watches seemed like the perfect answer. But, does anyone still wear a wrist watch in 2021? The watches I’m talking about are the analog type with mechanical workings. The first step is to decide what brand/type of watch to specialize in. There are too many brands, styles, and types to randomly start trying to acquire for repair and resale. I bought a Jacqueline Kennedy watch last year that was in like new condition. It only needed a new battery. But, I found the snap on back was difficult to remove. I did manage to get back off and the battery replaced after buying a special tool. I sold the watch on ebay for a small profit after only a few weeks. Next I bought more tools. A watch back wrench, tweezers, link adjustment tool, and a set of small screw drivers.

I like the look of some Invicta watches, so I bought two that were not working and proceeded to replace the batteries and got them working again. They have been listed on ebay for several months now, but without many views. I discovered that people either love Invicta watches, or hate them. Most of them don’t have a very good resale value. There are some Invicta models that do sell for good money, but generally it is a brand that I will be avoiding in the future. I own several Seiko watches and they seem to hold their value. Seiko 5’s and diver models with the red/blue “Pepsi” bezel are popular with collectors. Because of that, I have decided to focus on Seiko watches. Seiko has made watches in every style and price range. It will take time to learn how much each is worth and which are easiest to repair. Seiko model numbers can be found on the back of the watch, and an ebay lookup will tell you what they are selling for. Genuine Seiko replacement parts are not cheap. It cost me $50 for a new capacitor and back gasket for my old Seiko Kinetic. It works now, but the watch band also needs new pins. The pins are a special type which cost $12 for a dozen. Repair parts can add up and wipe out any resale profits. I plan on listing my Seiko Kinetic on ebay after I replace the pins. If it sells, I will be looking for more Seiko watches that can be refurbished and hopefully sold for a profit.

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