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I have only purchased a few new pieces of furniture in my life. The last new item I bought was a mattress. Otherwise, my house is mainly filled with mismatched used furniture. I recently needed to repair an old chest of drawers that had worn out slides. The slides were a combination of metal on wood and the wood was in bad shape. I found some affordable wood slides at the Rockler Woodworking store and I placed an order. To make a long story short, the slides never arrived and I ended up getting a refund. Fast forward a few months and I still have a chest that needs fixing. I look again and find an all metal under drawer slide. The Centerline series 714 slides are rated for 35 lbs and come in six different lengths. This time, I wasn’t going to take a chance on shipping, and drove to the nearest Rockler store, which was only 13 miles away. The metal slides are actually cheaper than the wood slides and there was a 25% discount if you buy 3 or more. I bought four 16″ slides for $32 with tax. I removed the old slides and calculated that I would need a 3/8″ shim to make the new slides work. I wanted to use a hardwood shim, but the only thing available in that thickness was a 2.5″ wide x 36″ long pine craft board. So, I got two boards for $5 and cut them into four 16″ length. I glued and screwed the shims to the underside of each drawer and attached the metal slides. At first, I didn’t know how to get the slides apart. I had to Youtube it and found a video that showed how to pull hard 3 or 4 times to get them to release. Once I had them apart, I had to make sure to mount them square with the drawer, or the drawer wouldn’t close properly. After some adjustments, I was able to complete the repair and the drawers are now in working order. The materials cost $37 (not including the wood glue). I figure it would cost at least twice that much to find a used chest of drawers in good working order. As long as it doesn’t involve upholstery repair, I can handle it.

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