Seiko Watch Update

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In a previous post, I talked about replacing the band pins on my Seiko Kinetic. I purchased the new pins from a seller on Ebay. The listing was for 20 pins that would fit my Seiko Windward band. Total price with tax and shipping was $14. I ended up replacing all of the pins, as a lot of them came out with just a light push from a hand tool. The new pins are slightly shorter than the old ones, but still work fine. After the repair was finished, I decided to wear the watch for a few days to make sure the band stayed together. I had forgotten how comfortable the watch was to wear and have decided not to list it for sale. I realize that I will have to wear it at least every other day to keep the battery charged. That’s the downside of owning a Kinetic watch. But, it is a good quality watch and should hold its value. I learned a lot about repairing Seiko Kinetics, which will help if I come across another one that isn’t working. I bought a Seiko solar watch for my girlfriend a few years ago. That watch will no longer hold a charge. Similar to a Kinetic watch, Seiko solar watches have a rechargeable battery that needs to be replaced periodically.

I haven’t ordered the battery yet, but the cost is about $20. I decided to get a Seiko quartz watch, so she would have a watch to wear. I found a nice looking, unworn, not-running, Seiko on and got the winning bid for $13. The total was $22.87 with tax and shipping. The biggest challenge on small women’s watches is removing the snap on backs. None of my tools would give me enough leverage to pop the backs off. Seiko makes a snap back removal tool, but the price is $150. I decided to buy a small watch vice for $6.43 on Ebay. I just needed some way to hold the watch while I applied pressure with a small screwdriver. I was able to get the back off without too much trouble. Having the right size tool to put in the barely visible pry notch and a vice to hold the watch did the trick. Luckily, I had a battery for the quartz watch. It started working and I was able to give it to my girlfriend after adjusting the band for her wrist. The solar watch will have to wait until I have an extra $20 for a new battery. I may have to sell that one to help pay for all of the watch parts and tools I’ve been buying!

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