December Trades

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With Christmas behind us and New Year’s approaching I decided to get out of the small position I had in Westrock (WRK). Westrock makes cardboard boxes for companies like Amazon. The stock was at a 52 week high, and I had already received its dividend payout for the quarter. I would buy this one again if it drops to the mid or low 30’s. I bought 100 shares of Cisco (CSCO). Cisco had a rough 2019 with concerns about trade with China, but the outlook should improve in 2020. This stock is also due to payout its 3% quarterly dividend in a few weeks. This will be my replacement for Intel (INTC) where I’m sitting on a nice gain. In my quest for monthly income, I bought GAMCO Natural Resources Gold & Income Trust (GNT), which is paying a 10% monthly dividend. I was looking for a closed end fund that had a gold component and was focused on US equities. They also have a global version of this fund (GGN) which pays a 13.7% monthly dividend. I may add that one later, rather than buying more GNT. I’m still being cautious about closed end funds. I like that they can be traded like a stock. So, if any of them show signs of weakness or run up to high, I should be able to rotate into something else quickly.

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