Christmas Budget

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It is tempting to spend money during the holiday season. Stores discount merchandise this time of the year as an incentive to get you in the door (or onto their website). My girlfriend has a big family and she feels obligated to send gifts to her brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and grandchildren. Even though she doesn’t have a job, she spends hundreds of dollars on gifts every Christmas. In the past, that money would come from me. But, this past year, she did have a job for a few months.

The money she earned was supposed to help pay our bills. Now, as we go into 2020, that will fall on me. My gift budget was adjusted accordingly. I allocated $20 for each person on my list. The total was around $80. I wish I could spent more, but I don’t know what the future holds. I felt like someone in the house needed to cut back when the other person doesn’t seem to understand that spending money isn’t the only way to celebrate Christmas. This year, we did send out several handmade gifts. Everyone should do this. But, not everyone has the time or talent for that.

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