Ebay after the Holiday’s

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Now that the holiday’s have past, my Ebay sales have dropped off. Most of the items I currently have listed are collectibles that people are in no hurry to buy. The trick is to have many items listed to get steady sales. The quality and price of your items also has a direct impact on sales. I can usually sell about 2 items per week if I have 30 items listed. To sell 2 items per day, I would need to have about 200 items listed. Some one-person resellers manage to maintain 1000 listings, which would generate around 10 sales per day. You would be working full time just posting and filling orders. Not to mention the sourcing that would be needed to replenish your inventory.

My goal for 2020 is to maintain 100 listings. This would potentially generate 1 sale per day. Ebay gives you 100 free listings per month, so this would be a good target. In the past few months I have been testing promoted listings. They move items to the top of the search list in crowded categories. But, you do give up about 5 or 6 percent more of your profit if a promoted item sells. Because of this, you will see slightly higher prices on promoted listings. If you can look past the top listings, you can usually find the same item for a lower price. Its a way for Ebay sellers to get more views and sales by hoping you won’t look past the first page of search results. Some resellers refuse to use promoted listings because they see it as just another way for Ebay to get more money from them. I will sometimes try a promoted listing on items that have not sold in a while instead of dropping the price. Ebay has made it easy to turn on and adjust the percentage you want to allow for the promoted item. The default percentage Ebay gets is the highest going rate, but you can lower the percentage if you like.

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