Internet Speed Upgrade

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I upgraded the speed of my cable Internet this past week. It was easier than I expected. My old speed was 3 Mbps and the new speed is 100 Mbps. I was able to keep the cost about the same by dropping basic cable. I didn’t think that was possible, but it was as simple as unchecking a box, selecting the new Internet speed, and applying the change. There was a bit of a snag trying to get the new speed to start working, but an adjustment in my router settings took care of that. I am using my own router and cable modem, so any issues there are up to me to fix. You can read about that on my technology blog. I then shipped my old cable TV adapter back to Comcast.

Now I’m just waiting to see if Comcast takes the broadcast TV fee off of my next invoice. They are raising the broadcast fee from $10 to $14.30 in February 2020. My last bill didn’t show a February price increase for Internet, but I saw that they are bumping the Internet fee by $3 in some markets. My old bill was $73.86 and my new bill will be about the same if they leave the broadcast fee. So, getting that fee removed is a big deal. It would save me $172 over the next 12 months. The FAQ on Xfinity’s website says: “Any subscriber to Xfinity’s TV services will have to pay the mandatory broadcast TV fee in order to access local broadcast networks with cable TV service.” Since I don’t have the TV service, they should remove the fee. But, I’ll probably have to call them to see if it can be removed from my account, if it doesn’t happen automatically. It would be very easy for them to forget to remove the fee. Stay tuned…

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