January Trades

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Financially the month started out great. But news of the corona virus put the markets in a downward trend. The few trades I made this month were the result of the virus reports. I sold Intel (INTC) just before their earnings report. I should have waited until after earnings because the stock went up six dollars a share on news that data center income exceeded expectations. Another tech stock sale I made was MTS Systems (MTSC). I was up on that one and wanted to lock in my profit. I also sold Park Hotels (PK) because I figured they would see an impact from virus travel restrictions.

Buys for the month included Cisco (CSCO), Pfizer (PFE), and GlaskoSmithKline (GSK). Cisco has a better dividend than Intel and could benefit from the deployment of new networking speed standards. Glasko and Pfizer both have good dividends and should see improved sales as a result of the cold and flu season. I also added to several closed end funds (PFN, JPC, and GNT). The other closed end fund in my portfolio is ETJ. I may add a municipal bond fund. The ones I am looking at are NVG, NMZ, and RMM. It may take a few more months to understand the impact of the new virus. Hopefully they will get it under control before it causes more stress on our financial markets.

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