Fix a Switch

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My old Black & Decker corded weed trimmer stopped working a few weeks ago. They sell for about 50 bucks on Amazon, but that’s not how I roll. I knew the problem was with the switch that operates the trimmer. The smoke that came out of the handle was a big clue. I took the handle apart and found that the switch had shorted out. Now came my favorite part; finding a replacement part for the lowest price. There was no model number on the switch, only a manufacturer and a voltage rating. This didn’t generate any search results that looked like the part I needed. So, I got the model number off of the trimmer and found a parts list online. This gave me a part number for the switch, which led to several sources. I decided to go with a vendor on Ebay who had the exact part number for under 9 bucks, with free shipping. I knew I’d have to wait a week to get it, but that was okay. The part arrived and the installation phase began. The wires had crimps on each end, so I didn’t need to solder them to the switch. After a little adjustment with a needle nose pliers, I had the switch installed and the trimmer is working again. Another successful fix!

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