Selling on Ebay

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I recently started posting items for sale on Ebay again. I’ve been a member since 2010, but I have definitely purchased more items than I have sold over the past nine years. The cost of shipping and the percentage that Ebay takes has made it harder to make money. I’m trying it again only because I have the time to do it now. What I’d really like to do is find an item that sells well and specialize only in that type of item. There are some things that just don’t sell. Books, jewelry, and figurines are hard to sell, unless they are rare or valuable. For hand made or vintage items, Etsy is the best website. The challenge is to find an item that someone else isn’t already selling for less. American coins are a good example of a sell-able item because they are small for shipping, and the value is easy to determine. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people selling coins on Ebay. Once you find the perfect item, you need a reliable source and a whole sale price to make it work.

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