November 2021 Investing Update

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For the month of November, the DOW dropped 1430 points, losing most of the gains from the previous month. My investments lost 2.3% during the month. Interest and dividend income was $549.90 for the month. I sold 50 shares each of PTRA and TLRY, and 100 shares of UGI this past month at a loss to offset my 2021 taxable gains. I added 100 shares of INTC and another 100 shares of USB to my retirement account. US Bank pays a 3.35% dividend. I also added 150 shares of FINX to my retirement account. GLOBAL X Funds FINTECH ETF is a passively managed fund which includes INTU, SQ, COIN, PYPL and AFRM among its holdings. I wanted to add Paypal and Coinbase stock to my holdings and thought this would be a good way to do it. I sold 200 shares of FTXL, which is a semiconductor ETF. I had been holding it for a while and wanted to lock in the $8,000 gain for my retirement fund. FTXL is still of good ETF, compared to other tech ETFs that have dropped in value lately.

As we move into December the market continues to be extremely volatile. I have a few other stocks and ETF’s that I am watching but feel that it is best to wait until we know more about the latest virus mutation and what actions the Fed is going to take in the coming year. For now, I am holding what I have and will be only making small adjustments. The end of December is when mutual funds payout their largest dividends.

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