Activating a Verizon Samsung S8

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The phone arrived in a few days and was in perfect condition. No visible scratches, but the wear could be on the battery. The USB-C port allows this phone to be charged with the same charger that we use on our Apple iPad Pro. It’s been a few years since I activated a phone on Verizon’s network. The instructions that came with the phone said to turn off the old phone, visit, and turn on the new phone and follow the onscreen instructions. The first issue I encountered was the phone asking for an account PIN number, which I didn’t have. I logged into my Verizon account and remembered that there was an option under “Manage this device” that allows you to transfer your phone number to a new device. That worked much better and the system switched my old S5 to the S8 without any trouble.

The S8 has 64GB of memory and came with Android version 9 installed. The first thing I noticed after switching to the S8 was the taller and narrower screen compared to my old S5. The S8 had very good reviews when it came out. But, the 18.5:9 aspect ratio of the OLED screen, was often a point of discussion. I had to bump up the font size and turned on bold font to make text easier to read. Still, when reading news or playing games, sometimes the text is still very small. I download an app called “Smart Switch” on my old Samsung S5 to transfer apps, contacts, and data to the new phone. That worked well and completed in a few minutes. I found a lot of YouTube videos that introduced me to the new features on the S8. One thing I never liked was having to swipe the screen to answer the phone. I learned that you can set it up so that the volume up button answers and the power button hangs up. You can find that in the phone app settings under answering and ending calls. I also disabled most of the app notifications. It took about a week to get the phone adjusted to my liking, but I am comfortable using it now.

The total price after applying my $120 Device Dollar discount was $71.12. The retail price for an S8 was around $750 when it came out in 2017. As of today, the Verizon trade-in price on an S8 is only $22. I added a JETech Shockproof Case from Amazon for $9.99. The case only provides basic protection for the edges and back. If you have a history of dropping things, it may not survive a drop onto a solid surface. So far the battery life is a little better than the S5. I have to charge the S8 at least once per day, compared to several times each day. Considering the discount, I am happy with the new features, performance, and design of the S8. I still find the larger screen of the Ipad Pro 11 (2020) to be my favorite device for reading news, checking stock prices, and playing web-based games.

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