September 2021 Update

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For the month of September, the DOW lost 1516 points (over 4%). My investments lost 2.29% during the month. Interest and dividend income was $912 for the month. In the past 30 days, I sold 100 shares of Penske Automotive @ $90 and another 100 shares @ $98 for a nice $3488 short term gain in my retirement account. Penske also paid $90 in dividends this past month. The share price continued to increase after I sold my shares, but came back down a bit recently. I sold all of my Pinterest shares @ $54.60 for a $322 loss. I basically lost faith in a recovery play with Pinterest. I sold Apache (APA) for a $260 loss and Pure Storage (PSTG) for a $385 gain. I added 200 shares each of UGI and Steel Dynamics. I’m down about 4% and 8% on those investments.

I’m hoping that they pass Biden’s Infrastructure plan and stocks like Steel Dynamics start going up again. Steel Dynamics is scheduled to complete their flat-roll steel manufacturing plant in Sinton, Texas by the end of 2021. The steel from this plant will be used by Tesla and SpaceX, so I plan on holding that investment well into 2022. Other investment adjustments in the past month were made to try and ride out the volatility that the market has been experiencing, as we go into the fall and winter seasons. As always, I will be looking for short term opportunities, but with inflation and interest rate hikes on the horizon, it is better to reduce risk for now.

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