Cub Food Online Shopping Pt 2

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I decided to give Cub’s online shopping website another try. In my last post I commented on how the experience wasn’t as good as using the Instacart website. One complaint was that you couldn’t shop for only the sale items. Well, it turns out you can. That made it a little easier, since the majority of items I buy are sale items. You can also create and save shopping lists. The only problem with this, is that sometimes items on your list will no longer be on sale in the future. It is best to only put staple items on a saved list, things like milk and eggs. You can also add all of the items from a previous order to your shopping cart. It’s a good way to get a shopping session started. Then you can delete the items that you don’t need or look for replacements that are on sale.

The 3rd party payment system is still kind of weak. I had trouble getting my payment transaction to go through. It kept giving me an error message saying that the transaction was unsuccessful. I gave up after 3 tries. About an hour later I tried again and this time the transaction went through. Not sure if the problem was on my end or theirs. But, the order was confirmed for pickup the next day. The next morning at 9:30 AM I received a text that the order was ready for pickup. I went to the store and texted them that I was there. Another car was already in the pickup parking area. They brought their order out and then asked me if I was there to pick up an order. I said I was and that I had texted them. They never got the text.

It turns out that my phone had queued the message. I have never had this happen before, so I wasn’t sure if it was my phone or the network that was preventing the text from being sent. They brought my order out, despite the communication glitch. When I got home, I noticed that the message was still queued. I first tried restarting the phone to see if that would help. No change. Then I went into the settings and freed up some memory cache in the apps section. Still no change. I decided to send a test message to my girl friend’s phone. That message went through and the status on the other text changed to sent. I guess that my phone just needed to have more free memory. This was a few hours after I had picked up my order. I hope the nice folks over at the store weren’t too confused by my late text. Maybe it’s time to get a newer cell phone?

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