September Trades

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This past month saw the DOW (DJI) drop from 28430 to 27781. That is a 649 point drop in one month. But we did recover some, as the low for September was 26763. I only made a few trades during the month, picking up more Ultra Clean Holdings (UCTT) and (RQI). I’m down about $10,000 for the month, which negates the gain I saw in August. That may sound like a big loss, but from the low in March to the high in August, my account was up by over $70,000. My dividends and interest for September were just over $1000. I have started withdrawing $400 of that money each month to pay bills. The plan is to bump that to $800, but I need generate another $400 in dividends each month. It is a slow process that involves only investing when the market is down. With one month before the election and the news that Trump has COVID, I expect more volatility in the markets. It is almost a certainty now that Biden will win the election and investors will be positioning themselves for that outcome. Unless something crazy happens, like Trump gets really ill, or Biden tests positive, the markets will be looking past this news and toward the future. This means that there will be even more of a rush to get a vaccine approved. Be on the lookout for more buying opportunities in the months ahead.

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