TP Calculator

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I was thinking about the toilet paper shortage the other day and thought that a lot of people may not know how much TP they really need. Because of this, they end up buying too much, which adds to the shortage. So, I created a Toilet Paper Calculator. It estimates daily and monthly usage based on the size of your family, how many in your household work or go to school, how many sheets are used per wipe, and how many sheets are on the rolls of TP you want to buy. You can also use it to determine how long your current inventory of TP will last, before you need to buy more. It takes into account the difference between male and female TP usage. The biggest variable is how many sheets per wipe. Everyone is different, but in times like this, when toilet paper is hard to find, it wouldn’t hurt to discuss this with your family and set a standard sheet usage policy. I hope that others will find this calculator useful. It is written with javascript and has been tested on Chrome. Make sure you have that enabled in your browser and give it a try.

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