Two More Marble Boards

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I listed 2 more marble game boards on Ebay. The first new board was completed in March 2020 and looks similar to the one shown above, but without the crown decals. The crown themed board was completed in April 2020. It includes a Crown Royal mini pouch to hold the marbles and dice. This is my first attempt at making a themed marble board. I think it looks pretty nice. The board has a professional looking finish and is heavier than most of the other boards I’ve made. I hand pick the blank rounds to get the best looking ones I can find. A lot of time goes into laying out the pattern, routing, sanding, and staining. I found a clear, self-adhesive label material that allows me to print custom decals. My laser printer is not color, so I have to add color to the decals with permanent markers. I’m hoping that the custom themed marble boards will sell for more than a basic marble board. Since the crown themed board turned out so well, I have it listed on eBay for about 20% more than the other ones I’ve made. This is still less than some of the other finished marble boards I’ve see listed.

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