April Ebay Sales Drop

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April Ebay sales have dropped off considerably. It seems like it was shortly after reports that the COVID-19 virus could survive on packages for up to 24 hours. The later reports I read indicate that the chance of catching the virus from a package are very low. Regardless, people see package=virus and they react by ordering fewer non-essential items. Ebay has been prompting me to lower prices as their recommendation to increase sales. They don’t care if I make less money, only that there is a sale so that they can get their selling fee. On average, 35% of every sale goes to pay shipping and selling fees. It doesn’t help that I can’t go out and source new items to resell right now.

There are websites where you can still find items to resell, but the shipping cost is usually high for bulk liquidations. You also risk getting items in a lot that won’t sell. Goodwill has an online store, but they don’t have discounts as good as the physical stores do. At local thrift stores, I only shop on the days when they offer a discount. My favorite sale day is Wednesday when you get 25% off most items if you are over 55. The discount makes a huge difference. There are about six thrift stores within 20 minute driving distance from my home. Every week I would go to a different store. This was working good until the lock-downs and social distancing started. There is growing talk of reopening some businesses, maybe thrift stores will be back open soon. Meanwhile, I’ll keep looking for ways to make and save money.

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