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How many income streams do you have? I’ve always believed in creating as many sources of income as possible. My income currently comes from unemployment compensation, interest, dividends, ebay sales, and ad revenue from several blogs and websites that I maintain. I don’t get much from the ads. I’m currently trying to improve that situation. The Internet is full of stories about people who have created blogs, which they claim have become their main source of income. I’ve had blogs for years and have never had any success getting people to click on the ads. It has a lot to do with what topic you are writing about and how much traffic you can get to your website. It takes a lot of work to keep fresh content on a website or a blog and to maintain a high search ranking.

When Google changes their search ranking system or their payment per click formula, your income stream can dry up overnight. Plus, competition for placement from other websites can knock you out of the rankings too. Getting consistent revenue from a blog doesn’t happen to often. Most of the people who are successful work really hard at it. If you don’t stay on top of your Internet revenue streams, they will completely disappear over time. My best advice is to find a topic that you enjoy and keep posting about it everyday. Then, cross link to your posts on as many other websites as possible. Or, better yet, find a more reliable income stream.

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