Making Marble Boards

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Hand Made Marble Game Board

Making a marble game board isn’t difficult, but it does take some skill and accuracy. The hardest part is laying out the pattern and routing the holes. There are 88 holes in a typical 4 player marble board. I’ve seen 6 player variations, but those are harder to make unless you have a template. I made a few of these recently to see how they sell. I’m hoping to get $60 each. I think that is fair considering the time and material that goes into making one.

On the game board pictured above you will notice a decorative gold vinyl decal in the center. It has a self-adhesive backing and was applied before the clear coat. Next time I will try to make the decal myself with a laser printer. There are videos on YouTube showing how to do that. Of course the color will be black, unless I find a color laser printer somewhere. My favorite part is sanding and applying the finish. There is something satisfying about taking a rough piece of wood and making something beautiful out of it.

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