August 2021 Update

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For the month of August, the DOW was up 388 points. Only a slight gain as investors try to determine how the latest COVID wave will impact economic activity. My investments gained $11,091 for the month. Dividends and interest amounted to $611, with $440 withdrawn to pay bills. Investments sold: 250 shares of QCLN, 100 shares of KDP, 50 shares of PLTR, 150 shares of APA, 200 shares of PSTG, and 100 shares of FREL. Investments purchased: 100 shares of UGI, 100 shares of FNF, and 100 shares of PINS. I did more selling than buying because I was expecting the market to go down. Instead it stayed flat. After Labor Day that may change. September is usually a down month for the markets. We will have to wait and see.

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