July 2021 Update

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The DOW has recovered from my last post a few weeks ago. Back then, the DOW was at 33,800. Today it is at 34,838, about 1000 points higher. It was as high as 35,144 on July 26th, but pandemic worries and unemployment concerns have pushed it down. My portfolio gained 1.34% in July. Year to date, the gain is 8.70%. This may not sound very impressive, but I only have a few years before I reach retirement age. I have tried to limit my investment risk as I get older. I added more shares to TLRY and PTRA, as the shares continue to drop in price. My stock account is still suffering because of these SPAC shares. TLRY has made a slight recovery after posting a quarterly profit for the first time. Penske Automotive Group (PAG) has been my best buy in the last month. My average price is $76.53 and the stock closed today at $89.83. QCLN is a clean energy ETF that I bought again at $61.48. It tends to go up and down with the EV sector. But, in addition to NIO, TSLA, and XPEV, they also hold many other non-automotive clean energy companies. My plan on this one has been to buy in the low 60’s and sell in the mid 70’s. I increased the monthly withdrawal from my Non-IRA account to $440. Right now, monthly cash flow from interest and dividends is around $770. The change in market value has been averaging over $1800 per month. That includes 3 months with losses of almost $9000 in value. As long as you are averaging a positive number, that is what counts, right?

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