May Trades

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May 2020 saw the DOW rise by 1660 points. April had a similar gain giving us a two month uptrend. I made a few trades in May. Three of them in my IRA account. With interest rates so low, I moved some money into a consumer staple and a gold ETF. I also bought 200 shares of Intel (INTC), which has gone up by 7% in 3 weeks. In my brokerage account I added 50 shares of Pfizer (PFE). Then, after hours it dropped by 7% because of some negative drug development news. I may add another 50 shares next week if the stock stays below my last trade. In my closed end fund portfolio, I sold Gamco Gold & Income (GNT) at a loss because they cut their dividend in half. I replaced that with (ETY) a tax managed dividend fund from Eaton Vance. I also have an Eaton Vance risk managed fund (ETJ) that has been holding up well and paying a solid 9.58% each month. Overall, my investment balance is about where it was back in early December of last year. In the coming month I will continue to make small adjustments and look for investment opportunities to make up for the lack of interest income.

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