Senior Careers

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I see a lot of seniors working in the retail industry in customer service roles. Large operations like Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart are hiring seniors. Many of them are working part time to help pay for their health insurance, and others do it for the social interaction that is missing in their retirement years. But, being on your feet all day, lifting boxes, and trying to help strangers isn’t for everyone. I don’t think that will work for me.

My next career would combine my knowledge of computers and woodworking. If you read my post on marble boards, you will see what I can do with a router. But, to move to the next level and turn my hobby into a business, I would need to get a newer computer and a CNC machine. My startup cost would be around $3000. You have to sell a lot of marble boards to recover the initial investment and I haven’t sold the ones I made by hand yet!

On the plus side, you can make many other things, like signs, plaques, cutting boards, coasters, and wooden toys on a CNC. And, assuming you set the machine up correctly, the work is easy to reproduce and it comes out more precise than if you did the work by hand. I like designing and finishing and a CNC will take most of the labor intensive work out of the process. Ultimately, you need to find something you like to do, and hopefully generate some income from it.

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