Are Used Cell Phones a Good Deal?

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Now that cell service providers are charging full price for new phones and adding the cost to your monthly bill, I needed to find a good source for used cell phones. After a lot of research, I found the best prices on refurbished cell phones at a company called Mywit. They do a 65 point inspection, have all the latest devices, free shipping, and a 90 day money back promise. Each phone gets a condition rating (good, very good, excellent, mint). I would recommend the excellent or mint condition to be on the safe side. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 in mint condition in February 2019 for $169. The phone was in like-new condition and has been working great. The S7 was not the latest Samsung model at the time, but is noticeably faster than the S5 with twice the memory. Just like with used cars, there is always a chance that you might get a lemon. Go with the highest condition they have available, or wait until they get more mint phones in stock. Make sure the phone you choose is supported by your service provider. I was able to activate my new phone on the Verizon website without any assistance.

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