Trail Blazer Wheel Project

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I thought I’d share another one of my fix it or replace it projects. I decided to try and fix the corrosion that formed on the wheels of my 2007 Chevy Trail Blazer. Over time, corrosion formed under the clear plastic coating on the aluminum rims. The inner painted surfaces have held up fairly well, but the unpainted surfaces have not. I watched some Youtube videos and learned that paint stripper would take off the clear plastic coating. I decided to try CitriStrip Stripping Gel because it is safe for indoor use with no harsh fumes. I figured it wouldn’t work as fast as the stuff that smells bad and I was right. In come cases, it needed several applications to remove the clear plastic coating. But, it did eventually do the job. After the bare aluminum was exposed, I started sanding with progressively finer grits of sandpaper. Starting with 320 and finishing with 1000 grit, and then buffing with automotive rubbing compound. After that, I applied Mother’s Mag & Aluminum Polish. It isn’t the perfect mirror finish that I was hoping for, but it is a vast improvement from how it looked before. I figure I can always paint or sand/rub on them some more, if I want perfection. I put about $50 into cleaning materials vs. new rims, which would have cost about $560.

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