Verizon Wireless Bill Changing

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When you receive an email from your wireless or cable provider with “your bill is changing” in the title, it is never good news. I had heard a few weeks ago that Verizon was increasing prices, so this was not a complete surprise. The email said: “Due to rising operational costs, you’ll see an increase of $12/mo. on your current plan”. The surprise was the 15% price increase. I have the Verizon Small 2 GB Data Plan. I pay about $80 per month for two lines. It appears that this plan is no longer available, and they are pushing everyone into one of their more expensive 5G unlimited plans. An unlimited plan would cost $70 per line. A shared plan with 5GB of data would cost $100. All of the plans are now 5G speed, which I don’t need because both of my phones are 4G.

It is unclear if the $100 shared plan quote is for one line or two. The fine print says: “Includes account & line access fees”. Taxes and fees would add about $8. So, the total would be $108? It also says if you enroll in paper-free billing and Auto Pay, you can save an additional $10/mo per phone line. So, the total would be $88? If so, that would be less than the new $92 price of my current plan. I’ve been with Verizon for many years, but each time they force me into a choosing a new plan I never know if I’m getting the best deal or not.

As an alternative to Verizon, I’ve been looking at Mint Mobile. They are a discount service provider that uses T-Mobile’s network. Mint has a 5G plan with 4GB of monthly data for $15 per line. You need to pay for at least 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months in advance. A 3-month plan with two lines would cost $90 plus taxes and fees. Let’s assume $99. That would be $33 per month for two lines compared to my current $80 monthly Verizon bill. That’s a savings of $47 per month! I own both phones, so there shouldn’t be a termination charge, and both are unlocked. Other than the hassle of moving the phones to a new service provider, the cost savings would make the change worth the effort. All the reviews I’ve seen on Mint Mobile have been good, although they have only been around since 2016. They haven’t been around long enough to know how things will go if T-Mobile raises their access fees or what will happen if they get too many users and T-Mobile’s network can’t handle the extra data traffic. Network priority will surely go to T-Mobile’s regular customers.

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