How I saved 20% on my grocery bill

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With a two-person household budget of $200 per month for food, I have to take advantage of every special offer I can find. We have had to cut out most red meat except for hamburger and an occasional package of stew meat. We do the majority of our grocery shopping online at the local Cub Foods. Every other week, I place a pickup order. I try to keep the total near $100, but it is becoming increasingly difficult with the rising cost of food. Last month, Cub started offering a discount on pickup orders to promote the service. I am surprised that they needed to do this, but I guess most people still like going inside to shop. The first discount was $25 off of a $125 grocery order. Since we typically spend $100 on each order, that’s like getting $25 more food for free!

When it came time for our next grocery order, the discount was $20 off of a $100 order. This was still a great deal. They also had several deals when you buy more than one item, you get a discounted price. I took advantage of several of these promotions to save a total of $32 on our grocery bill. On the deals where you have to buy 6 items, you have to be careful, because if they substitute one of the items, you may miss out on the discount. Sometimes it is better to get an extra item, in case they make a substitution or are out of stock, if you want to ensure that you get the discount. They also have digital coupons, but you have to go to their main website to select them and another website to shop. They change every week, which makes it difficult to keep track of which size and brand of digital coupon you selected when you are shopping online. Pickup orders over $50 are free, saving you the $1.99 fee. They also have fuel rewards that give you 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 you spend. Gas prices around here are at $3.30 per gallon, so every discount helps.

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