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Verizon Up is a program for Verizon customers that offers a choice of a reward each month. The value of the rewards start at $3 and go up from there. The most expensive rewards are the Super Ticket Rewards. These are usually tickets to concerts and sporting events. There is a limited supply and they have a countdown timer, so you have to be quick and lucky to get a Super Ticket reward. My favorite reward is the Device Dollars reward. Up until November 2021 Verizon had been offering a $5 reward each month that you could use to put toward the purchase of a new or used device in Verizon’s online store. The thing I liked about the Device Dollar reward is that they are good for 2 years and you can accumulate them each month. By October 2021, I had collected $120 worth of Device Dollars. That is the most you can get before they start to expire.

So, with a November expiration date approaching, it was time to start shopping for a new cell phone. I like Samsung devices, so I narrowed my search to Samsung phones between $100-$200. This of course will only show pre-owned phones. I had a choice between the S9+, S8+, and the S8. I used a website called GSM Arena to find the specifications of each phone. This website will let you compare the specs for 3 phones side by side. I was most interested in the release date and the dimensions of each phone. I discovered that the plus versions are rather large and weigh about an ounce more than the non-plus phones. My only choice for a pre-owned phone was the S8. The price was $149.99 for one in great condition, plus a $35 setup fee. I decided to save a few bucks and went with the “Very Good” condition for $141.99. The total price after applying the $120 Device Dollar discount was $71.12.

I was hoping to get another $5 in Device Dollars in November, but it wasn’t available. Maybe because I already had the max you could get in my account. I’ll have to wait until December to see if I can start collecting Device Dollars again. The (used) phone is supposed to arrive in a few days with 2-day free shipping. The 64 GB of internal storage in the S8 will be an improvement over the 16 GB in my old S5. As long as the battery is good in the S8 and there are not too many scratches on the screen, everything should be fine. You always take a chance when you get a pre-owned phone. But, I have had good luck with certified pre-owned phones from Verizon. Migrating to a different phone is a lot easier these days. Verizon has step by step instructions and software that helps you do it yourself. Makes you wonder why they charge a $35 setup fee on an existing line?

UPDATE: After waiting a few months for the Device Dollars to return, I found out that Verizon ended the Device Dollar promotion on 11/1/21. I found an explanation deep in the Verizon Up FAQ. They said that they decided to end the program because it was too hard for people to keep track of their Device Dollars. In their words, “One less thing to keep track of, one more reason to choose Verizon. Verizon Up will continue to showcase gift cards, great accessory deals, bonus rewards, presale tickets, super tickets and more.” I like how they try to put an upbeat spin on the removal of one of their best rewards. I personally didn’t mind keeping track of my Device Dollars. If you have any Device Dollars left on your account, I recommend using them now, before they expire.

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