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When shipping on Ebay, you get a small discount on shipping costs. But, if you need to ship something on your own, you normally have to pay the retail shipping fee. I needed to ship a 6 Lb package to Texas and decided to get a quote from the US Postal Service website. The price for priority shipping was $18.95, which was almost half of the value of the item being shipped. I have an account on because I frequently print my own shipping labels and order shipping supplies. The only problem is that you can only purchase and print Priority and Express labels online. There is no option purchase and print labels for ground shipping. So, I wanted to get a quote from UPS, since they have a drop off point close to my home. I could have gone directly to, but I decided to type UPS into Google search. What came up near the top of the search results was a Google Ad for that included a promo code for up to 45% off.

I don’t usually click on Google Ads, but this one was sponsored by UPS and a discount on shipping was just what I was looking for. I later found ads from websites that specialize in online promo codes, also had codes for UPS. But, this was right from UPS and not a 3rd party. The link took me right to a shipping form where I was able to enter my shipping information without the need to create an account. I was then given a choice between expedited or ground shipping. When I got to the payment screen, I noticed that the promo code was already entered and the discount was applied to my total. The payment choices were credit card or PayPal. I chose PayPal and was taken to the PayPal website to confirm the payment to UPS. After that, I was returned to UPS so that I could print the shipping label. It was all very easy, and best of all, it was $6 less than Priority Mail.

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