Budget Cuts and Ebay

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Just when I think I have cut my spending to the bare minimum, something is always forcing me to look for ways to cut deeper. This week, I dropped collision insurance from my car. I am driving less and there are less cars on the road. I am not as worried about my 10 year old car getting in a fender bender. This will save over $100 per year. Our food supply has been stable so far. Money spent on food will have to be allocated carefully. I expect we will see shortages of some items for the next few months. I hope people will only buy what they need and not make things worse by hording.

Ebay sales have been doing well. People are still shopping online and looking for bargains to pass the time. Without being able to source new items to sell, I’m sure my sales will probably go down in the next few weeks. But, right now, I am thankful for every sale. I have two marble boards that I need to finish. The weather needs to be warmer before I can put the clear coat on. People are looking for indoor games to pass the time, so these marble boards should sell quickly. After those are gone, I plan to make more.

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