Internet Speed Update

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So far the 100 Mbps speed upgrade from Comcast has been working great. Video channels on Roku play much better and I can stream on more than one device without any buffering. I received my first bill after making the service change. Since they bill a month in advance, Comcast gave me credit for the basic cable and the broadcast fees for the previous month. My bill for March ended up being $34.85. The next (monthly) bill should be around $58.85.

Every little bit helps as I try to manage our monthly budget. Usually what happens is when one bill goes up, I have to look for another monthly expense to cut back on. My next target is home and auto insurance. My monthly insurance bill is $162. To many of you, this may not sound bad for a 3 bedroom home and 2 cars. The problem with insurance is that it goes up every year. Home owners insurance accounts for 60% of the bill. Other than finding another insurance company (I’ve been with the same company for over 30 years), my only option would be to cut back to one vehicle. This would also reduce the cost of having to maintain two vehicles that are over 10 years old.

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