Verizon Wireless Discount

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For several years I had been getting a discount on my Verizon cell phone bill through my employer. The discount was 19% off of the monthly access fee, which amounted to $6.65 off of the $35 fee. Over a year that saves about 80 bucks. Recently, I received a notice that my employee discount was up for annual renewal. Well, since I am no longer an employee, I figured I would lose the discount. But as I was reading the notice, I found that in addition to employer, military, and first responder, they also have a customer loyalty discount. To get the discount, go to and click on Existing Customer. After you login to your account there is a “Loyalty” link that will appear on the page. As a loyal Verizon Wireless customer, if your current employment or affiliation has changed and you’re unable to validate, you may be eligible to receive the Customer Loyalty Discount of 8% off your access fee. The fine print says that this is for a limited time, so they may remove it at some point. You also have to sign up for paperless billing, otherwise you only get a 5% discount. This is less than half of the 19% discount I was getting ($6.65 vs $2.80), but it’s better than nothing. It’s worth looking into if you are a Verizon customer.

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