Go with the Flow(bee)

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When I was young I used to go to those discount hair saloons that cut men’s hair. I hated making appointments every 5 or 6 weeks and having some girl I didn’t know shampoo and cut my hair. They would always cut it too short and everyone would notice that I just had a haircut. Then I saw an ad in a magazine for a do-it-yourself hair cutting device. I think it was around 1988, right about the time the Flowbee first came out. For those that aren’t familiar with the device, it connects to a vacuum cleaner accessory port and has a cutting head with attachments to trim your hair to various lengths. All of the hair trimmings go into the vacuum so there is no clean up. Just put a few drops of oil on the blades each time and you are good to go.

I think I paid about $60 for it back then. But, I figured I would save a ton of time and money by doing it myself. I could control the length so that no one noticed that I had a haircut, I could trim it whenever I wanted, and it only took a few minutes. That was 30 years ago and I still have the same Flowbee today! Lets say it costs $20 with tip each time at a typical hair saloon, and lets say I needed a trim 8 times per year, that comes to $160 per year. Over 30 years I saved $4800. I use the Flowbee less now that I’m unemployed. I just don’t need to look as presentable these days. You can still find the Flowbee on Amazon, or factory direct at https://www.flowbee.com for $89.95 plus S&H. You can even buy Flowbee replacement parts there.

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