Ebay Sales Update

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The month started out good for Ebay sales. I sold 4 items for a total of $95.50. After deducting selling costs and shipping fees, my net was $67.14. That gave me the incentive to list more items. I currently have 15 items listed for sale. Interest has been good on a few of them, but no sales in the last few weeks. Now I’m starting to get discouraged again. Either my prices are too high or I’m listing items that take more time to sell. People that are making money on Ebay usually have hundreds of items listed for sale. They have figured out what sells and what doesn’t. They know when to use an auction listing and when to use a buy-it-now listing. They also have a pricing strategy figured out. This all comes with experience. Right now I’m taking a shotgun approach. Trying to figure out what sells and what doesn’t. So far I can tell you that books, magazines, sports cards, and coffee mugs are hard items to sell. I was surprised to discover that no one collects sports cards anymore. Unless you have one that is super rare, it is almost impossible to sell sports cards. It was popular back in the 70’s and 80’s, similar to beer can and other collecting fads. Now you can hardly give the stuff away that you thought had some value.

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