2024 Wish List

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As I look back on my 2023 wish list, I am surprised that I wasn’t able to check any items off. This is what I had on my list: Trailer Tires, Storage Racks, Replacement Windows, CNC Router, and Good Health. I guess I am still here and survived COVID, so maybe I achieved one of my goals. Money was extremely tight. Any extra money I had went toward paying down the principal on my mortgage. I knew my loan would reset to a higher rate in 2023, but putting extra money toward the principal allowed me to maintain my monthly payment. Between that and upkeep on the house, there wasn’t enough to spend on storage racks or new windows. The longer I stay in this house the chances of it needing a major repair or new appliance increase each day. With that said, here is my wish list for 2024:

New Refrigerator: My current refrigerator is on its last legs. Budget: $1500

Remove Dead Trees: Two dead pine trees need to be removed. Budget $600

Replace fence in back yard: After trees go the old fence will need an upgrade. Budget $1600

New Furnace: It fired up this winter, but it is making more noise than usual. Budget $3600

Replacement Windows: This was on the 2023 list. Not sure if this one has a chance. Budget $3200

Something unexpected always comes up causing me to take things off my wish list. In 2024, every item on my wish list has something to do with maintaining the house. The top two things will need to be addressed early in 2024 and might be the only items on the list that have a chance of getting checked off. The rest of it depends on finding extra money that doesn’t exist right now. I can’t even consider something fun like a vacation, a newer car, or a CNC router in the coming year. Just keeping everything at home in working order will quickly use up the extra money I thought I had.

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