Amazon Shopping Addiction

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I think my girlfriend has an Amazon addiction. During the holidays, she can’t stop spending money on Amazon. During October and November, she spent $1134. That’s an average of $18.90 per day! I can see how much she is spending because I am on her checking account as a shared user. We set up it up this way so that I could transfer money to her account. A year ago, she was working and was able to build up her account balance. Now, she isn’t working, and her checking account is dropping quickly with all of her holiday spending. She has a large family and feels the need to give everyone a gift for Christmas. I have a small family, which makes it easier to set limits on holiday spending. But I still feel that she goes too far when buying gifts for every grandchild, cousin, brother-in-law and friend during the holidays.

Her Amazon addition goes deeper than just her gift buying. She has discovered that she can load a gift card with hundreds of dollars which basically hides her spending from me. I see a big transfer to Amazon, but do not see each Amazon purchase when she uses the gift card. She also uses her Amazon Prime subscription to make purchases for her family members. She adds their credit card numbers to her account and buys items for them so that they can get the free shipping. Amazon allows you to add many credit cards to your account which makes it easy to do this. To me it looks like she is running a buying service for her friends and family. They just tell her what they want, and she orders the item with their credit card and has the items shipped to them. She doesn’t charge a fee for her buying services, but to me this looks like an abuse of Amazon Prime.

You can only add one other person to your Prime account. On her Prime account that person is me. But I use Amazon much less frequently than she does. It makes me wonder if anyone is actually running a business that is an Amazon buying service. The biggest hurdle with that would be getting people to trust you with their credit card information. People who are not family members would be less likely to give their credit card info to someone they don’t know and trust. There may be a way around this using Amazon gift cards. A person could buy a gift card and let you use that to pay for their stuff. That way the credit card is safe and there is a limit on how much money they are giving you to use on Amazon. A flat rate per item purchased with your Prime account would be the best way to get paid. This would only be useful for someone who didn’t have a Prime account and wanted to get free shipping on purchases under $35. An Amazon Prime subscription fee is currently $139 per year. I don’t know if a Prime shopping service exists, but all it would take is a policy change at Amazon to end it. Unless my girlfriend slows her buying habit, she will eventually run out of money.

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