2 Liter Mt Dew Into 4 Bottles

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Normally I try not to drink a lot of Coke and Pepsi products. But my girlfriend has an addiction to Mountain Dew, so we always have it on our grocery list. Since she pays for the groceries, I don’t complain too much. Just like everything else, the price of soda has been increasing. We used to buy 12 oz. cans but found that we prefer the resealable 16.9 oz. bottles. If you don’t feel like drinking a whole bottle, you can put it back in the fridge for later. The average cost of a six pack is about $5.49. They can be less than that if there is a sale going on. A 2-liter bottle can fill four 16.9 oz bottles. The price of a 2-liter bottle is about $2.49. I’ve seen them on sale at 3 for $6, which brings the price down to $2 each.

To save money, we often buy 2-liter bottles and refill our empty 16.9 oz. bottles. Two 2-liter bottles refills 8 16.9 oz. bottles. So, it’s like getting two 16.9 oz. bottles for free. We rinse the bottles with hot water before we refill them and seal the caps tightly. They aren’t around for more than a week, because my girlfriend drinks a couple bottles every day. She claims that the sugar helps balance her hyperglycemia. Although, the caffeine often keeps her up until 2 AM most nights. Mountain Dew doesn’t have a lot of fizz to begin with, so it doesn’t lose carbonation during the refill process. Too bad they don’t sell beer in 2-liter bottles!

This is just another one of the crazy things we do to save money.

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