The Buy 5 Save $5 Promo

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Whoever came up with the “Buy 5 save $5” grocery promo is a genius. In this promo you buy 5 items from a list of hundreds of items and save $5 off those items. The items you can select usually range in price from $3 to $10. Trying to choose 5 items while you are shopping without a list is difficult. Five is right at that point where it is hard to keep track of how many items you have put in your cart. It is much easier to select five promo items if you are shopping online. If you go over 5 items, the store computer will apply the discount to the 5 lowest price items in your cart. If you have one less item, you don’t get the discount. This isn’t my favorite promo, but at least there is a large selection of eligible products, and some are already discounted.

All of the grocery stores in our area have select items that are heavily discounted each week. I’m not a fan of weekend flash sales either. You know this type of promo is just trying to get customers to visit the store, expecting them to spend more money than they had planned. Overall, prices are still high. Although, I was surprised to see a $3 discount on eggs when you buy 4 participating items. The eggs were on sale for $2.99, so you basically get them for free. I picked 4 items, pickles, pudding, and two microwave popcorns. At the store my partner grabbed a large box of microwave popcorn. I said no, we need two small ones. Well, she only put one in the cart. When we got home, I was surprised to see that we still received the egg discount. It turns out that eggs were also one of the eligible items.

It is a challenge to squeeze every last discount out of a grocery store. Between the weekly sales, monthly discounts, and manufacturer coupons, you need to spend time on your shopping list before you enter the store. Digital manufacturers coupons have allowed us to try some products that we wouldn’t normally buy. For example, a six pack of Scott paper towels was $7.19 after discount. That’s only $1.20 per roll, on par with the cheaper brands. We also saved $2 on 16 oz. of premium honey. This brought the price down to $5.59, which is less than the generic store brand. Batteries are about the worst thing you can buy at a grocery store. I was shocked to see a 2 pack of 9-volt batteries priced as high as $12.59. A four pack of AA batteries was on sale for $5.99. With a $.75 digital coupon the price was $5.24, which is less than the $5.34 price on Amazon.

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