2023 Wish List

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In 2022 I was only able to knock the Battery Maintainer from my wish list. It was the lowest priced item. I ended up getting two of them, one for each vehicle. I need to replace one of my vehicles which are both over 12 years old. But, with the economy and our budget the way it is, I decided to leave that off the list. I replaced world peace with good health for 2023. It is something I worry about more as I get older. Of course, I can’t expect to be healthy unless I eat better, drink less, and exercise more.

  1. Trailer Tires – I restored a 4×8 trailer a few years ago, but I’m afraid to use it because the tires are old. I need to find a set of tires to replace the old ones. I don’t want to buy new, but good used tires in the right size are hard to find. Budget: Under $60
  2. Storage Racks – I need to find a couple used Metro style metal storage racks to organize the Ebay resale stock in my office. Right now, it looks like a room from a hoarder’s house. Budget: Under $120
  3. Security Surveillance System – For a few years I’ve been researching security camera systems. There are so many models and camera specifications to choose from that I haven’t been able to pick one. Mainly, it boils down to wired or wireless. Budget: Under $160
  4. Replacement Windows – When I see a 40% off window sale, the fine print always has a minimum purchase of 4 windows. My wood frames are deteriorating. I would need to replace 3 windows and a patio door to qualify for a discount. Budget: Under $3200
  5. CNC Router – One of these would allow me to make marble boards and wood signs much faster. Making a marble board by hand takes many hours. The problem is that I’d have to sell about 60 marble boards, just to break even. Budget: Under $3000
  6. Good Health – This is something you can’t buy but is always good to have on the list if you are over 60.

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