November Trades

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This past month saw the DOW (DJI) rise from 26501 to 29638. That is a massive increase of 3137 points in one month. The election results and positive vaccine news helped move the markets forward. I sold half of my position in Gilead (GILD) having lost faith in a quick price recovery, but still hold on to some shares for the 4th quarter dividend. I also sold Ruger (RGR) for a small profit and dividend payout. Shortly after buying RGR, it went up to $70 dollars per share, but it has steadily declined from there. The last sale was Ultra Clean Holdings (UCTT). Selling that one at 24.89 was a mistake as it has risen by almost $8 per share since then. I bought 2 clean energy ETF’s this past month, which helped make up for the lost profit on UCTT. The first was QCLN, which holds some TSLA and the other was PBD, which is a global fund that includes NIO, the Chinese version of Tesla. I usually avoid speculative sectors like gold and renewable energy, but I think Tesla has proven that electric cars are viable and a democratic president will push for rapid adoption of renewable energy. During December, I will continue making small adjustments while keeping an eye on the end of year tax situation.

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